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When It Snows Richard Collingridge

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Livre - Richard Collingridge - 01/10/2013 - Poche - Langue : Anglais

Résumé :A dazzling debut picture book celebrating the power of reading and imagination. 'Unabashedly escapist... This is a romantic walkabout of a book' The Observer Biographie:Richard...

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  • Auteur(s) : Richard Collingridge
  • Editeur : Random House Children's
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Parution : 01/10/2013
  • Format : Moyen, de 350g à 1kg
  • Nombre de pages : 32
  • Expédition : 221
  • Dimensions : 26.6 x 25.8 x 0.5

Résumé :
A dazzling debut picture book celebrating the power of reading and imagination. 'Unabashedly escapist... This is a romantic walkabout of a book' The Observer

Richard Collingridge was born in London, studied Illustration at the University of the West of England, graduating in 2008, and after living in France for a few years, has recently moved back to the UK. At about the age of five Richard noticed that real people didn't look like a bunch of sticks with a circle on the top. But to his amazement, no one else in his classroom, including the teachers, seemed to be able to see this. So with this secret in mind, he decided that when he grew up, he wanted to draw pictures for a living. He has always enjoyed creating different worlds and universes for his non-stick people, and after illustrating book covers and other people's stories, he decided to put some words next to his own drawings. This seemed to work rather well and resulted in Richard's stunning debut picture book, When it Snows.

Unabashedly escapist ... This is a romantic walkabout of a book, a dream that takes us with it. ... A boosting vote of confidence in the power of fantasy. -- Kate Kellaway The Observer A wide-eyed and woolly-hatted young boy and his teddy explore a mysterious, snowy landscape of the imagination that ultimately proves much more captivating and exciting than the gifts waiting for them underneath the tree. Teach Nursery Stunning, sweeping illustrations by newcomer Richard Collingridge will whisk your tot away on a magical winter's journey. It's so fresh and unique, but if you like the works of Raymond Briggs and Chris Van Allsburg and can imagine what they'd look like if they met the works of Shaun Tan head on, this is the sort of atmospheric and absolutely amazing artwork you can expect from When it Snows. It's not just all about the art though, the story is magical, spurring a child's imagination in the most wondrous ways. Read it, Daddy! The beautiful story of one small boys magical snowy adventure. Toybuzz