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The Grand Canyon Reader Lance Newman

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Livre - Lance Newman - 01/10/2011 - Langue : Anglais

Résumé :This superb anthology brings together some of the most powerful and compelling writing about the Grand Canyon--stories, essays, and poems written across five centuries by people...

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  • Auteur(s) : Lance Newman
  • Editeur : Univ Of California Pr
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Parution : 01/10/2011
  • Format : Moyen, de 350g à 1kg
  • Nombre de pages : 245
  • Expédition : 458
  • Dimensions : 22.9 x 15.5 x 2.0

Résumé :
This superb anthology brings together some of the most powerful and compelling writing about the Grand Canyon--stories, essays, and poems written across five centuries by people inhabiting, surviving, and attempting to understand what one explorer called the Great Unknown. The Grand Canyon Reader includes traditional stories from native tribes, reports by explorers, journals by early tourists, and contemporary essays and stories by such beloved writers as John McPhee, Ann Zwinger, Edward Abbey, Terry Tempest Williams, Barry Lopez, Linda Hogan, and Craig Childs. Lively tales written by unschooled river runners, unabashedly popular fiction, and memoirs stand alongside finely crafted literary works to represent full range of human experience in this wild, daunting, and inspiring landscape.

Introduction: Stories of the Great Unknown The Rim Amil Quayle, Grand Canyon Craig Childs, Fear of God Ann Zwinger, Bright Angel Trail Edward Abbey, Havasu Colin Fletcher, The Man Who Walked through Time Joseph Wood Krutch, Where Solitude Is Easy to Find Theodore Roosevelt, A Cougar Hunt on the Rim of the Grand Canyon John Muir, The Grand Canon of the Colorado Harriet Monroe, The Grand Canon of the Colorado The River Sharlot Hall, The Song of the Colorado Patricia McCairen, Canyon Solitude Terry Tempest Williams, Stone Creek Woman Barry Lopez, Gone Back into the Earth John McPhee, A River Bill Beer, Lava Falls Bert Loper, Three Boys and an Old Man George Flavell, The Log of the Panthon John Wesley Powell, The Grand Canon of the Colorado The People Michael Kabotie, Grand Canyon National Park Linda Hogan, Plant Journey Wallace Stegner, Packhorse Paradise Joseph C. Ives, Mojave Valley to Big Canyon Francisco Garces, Mojave Crossing to Oraibe Pueblo Pedro de Castaneda, The Hopi Mesas and the Colorado River G.{ths}M. Mullett, The Story of Tiyo Hualapai, Tudjupa Creates the People Ramson Lomatewama, They Told Stories Further Reading Credits

The stories tell of the delight and wonder that is the Grand Canyon... The timelessness of the canyon means that the excitement continues ... and 'The Grand Canyon Reader' takes us along for the ride.--Los Angeles Times Book Review Word of warning: Reading the essays in this book will make you want to drop everything and traverse the Grand Canyon, rim-to-rim, if only to avoid the tourists hovering. But, with offerings from the likes of John McPhee, Barry Lopez, Wallace Stegner and that curmudgeon Edward Abbey, it also makes you think.--Sacramento Bee A great new compilation of short stories, essays, and poetry regaling the Grand Canyon... Mr. Newman has pulled together in one book a rich collection of stories that bring to life the river and its surrounding canyon, and keeps it alive.--National Parks Traveler I recommend The Grand Canyon Reader quite enthusiastically.--Interdisciplinary Studies In Literature And Environment