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Contemporary Sociology

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Livre - Collectif - 01/04/2015 - Poche - Langue : Anglais

Résumé :Contemporary Sociology is an introductory textbook with angles and arguments. Responding to the need for a different kind of introductory textbook, it provides more focused, in-depth...

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  • Auteur(s) : Collectif
  • Editeur : Polity Press
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Parution : 01/04/2015
  • Format : Moyen, de 350g à 1kg
  • Nombre de pages : 720
  • Expédition : 1642
  • Dimensions : 24.8 x 19.1 x 3.8

Résumé :
Contemporary Sociology is an introductory textbook with angles and arguments. Responding to the need for a different kind of introductory textbook, it provides more focused, in-depth explorations of the most exciting and contemporary aspects of sociology. The 21 chapters, written by leading experts in each field, offer a thought-provoking portrait of sociology. Each chapter tackles key issues at the centre of contemporary sociological research in an exceptionally clear, engaging and relevant way, focusing on critical approaches and analyses. The book includes: * A strong focus on making sociological thinking relevant to the contemporary world * Illustrative examples and analysis of recent real-world events * Coverage of all major sociological topics of continuing or emerging interest, from class, ethnicity and global social change to human rights, the environment, and science and technology * Carefully thought-out questions and further readings to probe understanding and encourage critical thinking * Additional, regularly updated online resources Contemporary Sociology is a serious yet accessible text and should be required reading for both new and more advanced undergraduates. It will fire students' imaginations to explore the latest dynamics driving the study of our social world.

Martin Holborn is Associate Lecturer in Social Sciences at The Open University. He is co-author of a major introductory school-level sociology textbook, as well as several study guides for A-level students.

Introduction SECTION A: SOCIAL DIVISIONS 1 The Idea of Class: a measure of value Beverley Skeggs 2 Sex, Gender and Sexuality: the case for critical analysis Kath Woodward 3 Race, Ethnicity and Nationality: the future of multiculturalism in a global age Andrew Pilkington 4 Age and the Life Course: continuity, change and the modern mirage of infinite choice Lorraine Green SECTION B: OPPORTUNITIES AND INEQUALITIES 5 Work: experience, identities and meanings Tim Strangleman 6 Health, Illness and the Body: what lies beneath Graham Scambler and Sasha Scambler 7 Education: beyond meritocracy and reproduction Rob Moore 8 Poverty and the Welfare State: economic, social and political intersections Mary Daly SECTION C: GLOBALIZATION AND SOCIAL CHANGE 9 Globalization: experiencing social change on a global scale Darren O'Byrne 10 The Environment: sociology at its (natural) limits Philip W. Sutton 11 Science, Technology and Social Change: knowledge, expertise and practices Mark Erickson 12 Development and Underdevelopment: rethinking the shape of a globalizing world Paul Hopper SECTION D: CULTURE AND PERSONAL LIFE 13 Leisure and Consumption: a critical analysis of 'free time' Sheila Scraton & Beccy Watson 14 Religion and Sources of Significance: the dawning of a secular age? Paul Heelas 15 The Sociology of the Mass Media: circuits of communication and structures of power Greg Philo, David Miller and Catherine Happer 16 Families and Personal Life: all change? Vanessa May SECTION E: THE STATE, VIOLENCE, CRIME AND CONTROL 17 Power and the State: flourishing union, divorce or metamorphosis? Michael S. Drake 18 Violence, Coercion and Human Rights: understanding organized brutality Sinisa Malesevic 19 Crime: concepts, causes, control Robert Reiner SECTION F: THEORY AND METHODS 20 Sociological Theory: formal and informal William Outhwaite 21 Methodology: the essence of sociology? Martyn Hammersley References