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A Companion to the Anthropology of Europe

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Livre - Collectif - 01/12/2015 - Poche - Langue : Anglais

Résumé :A Companion to the Anthropology of Europe offers a survey of contemporary Europeanist anthropology and European ethnology, and a guide to emerging trends in this geographical field...

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  • Auteur(s) : Collectif
  • Editeur : Blackwell Publ
  • Langue : Anglais
  • Parution : 01/12/2015
  • Format : Moyen, de 350g à 1kg
  • Nombre de pages : 624
  • Expédition : 930
  • Dimensions : 24.4 x 17.0 x 2.5

Résumé :
A Companion to the Anthropology of Europe offers a survey of contemporary Europeanist anthropology and European ethnology, and a guide to emerging trends in this geographical field of research. Providing a synthesis of the different traditions and contemporary approaches, the book is both thematic and fully cross-European in its approach. * Provides an authoritative guide for researchers, instructors and students of anthropology and European studies * Discusses important emerging trends in this broadening field of research * Includes established names and rising stars who will shape the discipline in years to come

Ullrich Kockel is Professor of Ethnology at the University of Ulster and an Academician of the UK's Academy of the Social Sciences. His recent publications include Culture and Economy: Contemporary Perspectives (edited, 2002), and Re-Visioning Europe: Frontiers, Place Identities and Journeys in Debatable Lands (2010). He has been elected President of the Soci?t? Internationale d'Ethnologie et de Folklore (2008-11), and is currently editor of the Anthropological Journal of European Cultures. M?ir?ad Nic Craith is Professor of European Culture and Society at the University of Ulster. She is the author ofPlural Identities, Singular Narratives: The Case of Northern Ireland (2002) which was joint winner of the 2004 Ruth Michaelis-Jena Ratcliff research prize for folklife, Culture and Identity Politics in Northern Ireland (2003), Europe and the Politics of Language (2006), and Cultural Diversity, Heritage and Human Rights (co-edited, 2010). Jonas Frykman is Professor of European Ethnology at Lund University. His publications include Identities in Pain (with Nadia Seremitakis, 1997), Articulating Europe: Local Perspectives (with Peter NiedermÜller, 2003), and Sense of Community: Trust Hope and Worries in the Welfare State (with Bo Rothstein et al, 2009).

Notes on Contributors viii 1 Introduction: The Frontiers of Europe and European Ethnology 1 Ullrich Kockel, M?ir?ad Nic Craith, and Jonas Frykman Part I Europe's Cardinal Directions 11 2 The Anthropology of Mediterranean Societies 13 Christian Giordano 3 Nordic Reflections on Northern Social Research 32 Hugh Beach 4 Multiculturalism in North America and Europe 51 Reginald Byron 5 Anthropology in Postsocialist Europe 68 Micha? Buchowski 6 Europe in Eurasia 88 Chris Hann 7 Mitteleuropean Ethnology in Transition 103 Gabriela Kili?nov? Part II European Integration 123 8 Anthropological Studies of European Identity Construction 125 Lisanne Wilken 9 Memory, Citizenship, and Consumer Culture in Postsocialist Europe 145 Ksenija Vidmar Horvat 10 The Europe of Regions and Borderlands 163 Thomas M. Wilson 11 Citizenship(s) in European Contexts 181 Catherine Neveu and Elena Filippova 12 Local Practices of European Identity on the New Eastern Borders of the EU 199 Justyna Straczuk 13 European Politics, Policies, and Institutions 212 Marion Demossier Part III European Heritages 231 14 Presencing Europe's Pasts 233 Sharon Macdonald 15 An Anthropology of War and Recovery: Lived War Experiences 253 Maja Povrzanovic? Frykman 16 European Religious Fragmentation and the Rise of Civil Religion 275 Peter Jan Margry 17 Studying Muslims of Europe 295 Gabriele Marranci 18 Roma and Sinti: The Other within Europe 310 Sabrina Kopf 19 Landscape, Landscape History, and Landscape Theory 322 Norbert Fischer Part IV Cultural Practice 337 20 European Tourism 339 Orvar LÖfgren 21 The Diversity of European Food Cultures 355 Gisela Welz 22 Language, Power, and Politics in Europe 373 M?ir?ad Nic Craith 23 Europe at the Crossroads of Rights and Culture(s) 389 Valdimar Tr. Hafstein and Martin Skrydstrup 24 Corporate Social Responsibility and Cultural Practices on Globalizing Markets 407 Christina Garsten 25 Extreme Neo-nationalist Music Scenes at the Heart of Europe 425 David Murphy 26 Anthropological Perspectives on the European Urban Landscape 440 Christiane Schwab Part V Disciplinary Boundary Crossings 457 27 Medical Anthropology and Anthropological Studies of Science 459 Maryon McDonald 28 Uses of the Internet in European Ethnographic Research 480 Elisenda Ard?vol and Adolfo Estalella 29 Visual Culture, Ethnography, and Interactive Media 497 Terence Wright 30 Hybrid Worlds of Europe: Theoretical and Practical Aspects 519 Elka Tschernokoshewa 31 An Anthropological Perspective on Literary Arts in Ireland 537 Helena Wulff 32 Toward an Ethnoecology of Place and Displacement 551 Ullrich Kockel 33 A Tale of Two Disciplines: European Ethnology and the Anthropology of Europe 572 Jonas Frykman Index 590